A Voice In Whiteford - Walter Ruhl  TWP Supervisor

What is Happening in Whiteford Township
We finally have all our permits for the water system!!!
As of November 17th MDEQ issued our last permit needed for us to move forward with the water project.  We should be putting the project out for bid very soon.  USDA Rural Development has reviewed the project and has given us the green light.  I am not sure if we will wait until after the holidays or not.  We will do what is best for the project.  We need as much competition as possible in the bidding process.  No matter by February we should be opening bids.  This will tell us if MDEQ has cost us money by delaying the project for a year.  When we have the money figured out and USDA Rural Development has approve the contracts we will have the final public hearing and move forward with the project Hopefully we can break ground in April or May.  I hope we are not wishing for more than we can count on.  All those involved in the water project will be notified by mail about the public hearing.     
Whiteford Ctr. Fire Department needs more volunteers. 
Can you help?  We need at least 10 people to step up and volunteer as a Firefighters and be willing to take Fire 1 and 2 classes.  You would also have to learn to operate the trucks.  At that point it would be optional to get more certifications than that. 

I have found my New Deputy Supervisor!
Earnest Sasse will be helping me and has been sworn in as my Deputy.
Ernie brings a lot to the table, he has been involved with Emergency Management, FEMA, Ham Radio and Sky Warn and so on.  I feel he will be a great fit working with me for the good of the township.   

Disk Golf 
Whiteford Township is announcing the building of a Disk Golf course.  The Course will be located at the East Gate along Sterns Rd. Hole 1 would go south to the woods then the holes would go through the woods to the south and into the field along the walking trail, then back through the woods and back to the parking area.  The Baskets have been installed and some of the fairways have been improved. In the spring we will be finishing the Tee areas  
We are looking for Businesses or Individuals to sponsor each hole.  A plaque will be placed at each Tee Pad indicating what company or individual donated the hole. 
We are looking for $500 per hole sponsorship. 
Please consider sponsoring a hole for the park and your community.
For more information call Walter Ruhl at 734-854-2416
Please make checks payable to Whiteford Township Disk Golf project.  All donations are Tax deductible.
Please send Donations to:
Whiteford Township 
8000 Yankee Rd. Suite 100
Ottawa Lake MI. 49267
Walter Ruhl
Whiteford Township Supervisor

The Cemetery:
Carol Ruhl has the majority of the cemetery entered in the computer; now she will tackle the older parts that have no records. You may see her out there taking notes so we know who is buried where.  This has been a big project.
Whiteford Stone Co. Park
If you have driven by the park last week you will notice that the last of the rail fence is being installed.  This not only makes the park look better but helps make the park more secure.

Please come enjoy our now 3+ miles of walking trails!  Some of the trails will be shared with the disk golf course but that shouldn't be a problem.  
We have planted 4 more trees along the drive and have plaques to honor the people who donated money for that purpose.
Our next project is to get a pavilion built in the area near the new flagpole. We want this park to be a place our community wants to come and enjoy.

The grass in good enough to support Soccer fields now.  I am hoping someone will step up and help  bring soccer to the park. 

We are looking at the possibility of a off leash dog area.  I am not sure we can do this because of the liability issues. 

Most of the improvements you see are a combination of donations and township money.  The dirt that has been hauled in is at no cost to the township.  We just pay to have it leveled.
As most of you know, the 14 acres of woods is being managed by “The Nature Conservancy”.  We have renewed the contract with the Nature Conservancy so they can continue to manage the 14 acres. They have made great improvements in that area and the walking trails allow people to enjoy that area.
We are applying for a grant to install cameras to catch vandals.
We need your support to keep moving forward.

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