A Voice In Whiteford - Walter Ruhl  TWP Supervisor

What is Happening in Whiteford Township
Here we are into the Holiday Season.  The Water Project is moving forward. The tank is poured and they are starting to work on the building.   Completion is scheduled to be June. They have some catching up to do.  

Medical Marijuana Grow Operation and Dispensaries
Will Remain Illegal in Whiteford Township!  
The board will be considering a new ordinance that will plainly state our position on dispensaries and grow operations and the like.  Most of the other township supervisors that I have talked with are opposed to allowing this type of business in their townships.  

Disk Golf 
 JAWS has completed all but one of the tee boxes.  This should take care of most of the heavy work.  We will be finishing the course in the spring.  Your help would be appreciated.  You can make a check out to Whiteford Township Disk Golf fund.  

Whiteford Stone Co. Park
The new signs are up at the park.  We purchased them over a year ago but not figured out how to use them until now.  Bob and Pat Schnipke donated the money for the signs.  
We have a donation of Play Safe for field 3 which will improve it a great deal.  We are looking for a way to create dugouts for this field that will make it competitive with filed 4. 
We have started developing drop off areas where the backstops end at each paved drive, for equipment and people that have problems walking, .  We are also thinking of handicap parking at the 300 foot line on each drive.  We are doing the same thing at diamonds 5 and 6. this would make it more convenient for everyone. Stone Co is donating all the stone for the park and will be recognized for their help.  We also have blacktop grindings that will be used to improve our roads in the park.

We are planning on improving the parking lots so cars have to stay in the lots.  

Please come enjoy our walking trails!  Some of the trails will be shared with the disk golf course but that shouldn't be a problem.  

We are planted 4 more trees along the drive and have plaques to honor the people who donated money for that purpose.
Our next project is to get a pavilion built in the area near the new flagpole. We want this park to be a place our community wants to come and enjoy.

The grass is good enough to support Soccer fields now.  I am hoping someone will step up and help bring soccer to the park. 

Most of the improvements you see are a combination of donations and township money.  The dirt that has been hauled in is at no cost to the township.  We just pay to have it leveled.
As most of you know, the 14 acres of woods is being managed by “The Nature Conservancy”.  We have renewed the contract with the Nature Conservancy so they can continue to manage the 14 acres. They have made great improvements in that area and the walking trails allow people to enjoy that area.

We have security cameras in Stone Co Park. Any Damage will be recorded and we should be able to identify who is doing it.  

We are planning improvements at the park in Ottawa lake.  If  you have suggestions please feel free to give me a call.

We need your support to keep moving forward.
For more information call Walter Ruhl at 734-854-2416
Please send Donations to:
Whiteford Township 
8000 Yankee Rd. Suite 100
Ottawa Lake MI. 49267

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