A Voice In Whiteford - Walter Ruhl  TWP Supervisor

What is Happening in Whiteford Township
The Water Project Has Been Successfully Bid.
On Friday April 7, 2017 at 2 PM we opened bids for the Water Project.  We had a total of 8 bidders.  The bids ranged from $7.2 Million to $9.9 Million.  The low bidder is a local company HPH Mechanical Inc.  The bids have gone to USDA Rural Development and have been excepted.  We had a Special meeting on April 13 to award the contracts contingent on USDA Rural Development approval.  We have to have another public hearing on May 9th, at 7:30 pm to explain the costs and set the roll. Then we can have bond closing and the project can start.    Letters will go out asap to people in the assessment district.  We anticipate Bond Closing on or near June 22 here at the TWP. 
We are planning a Ground Breaking Ceremony.
Whiteford Ctr. Fire Department needs more volunteers. 
Can you help?  We need at least 10 people to step up and volunteer as a firefighter and be willing to take Fire 1 and 2 classes.  You would also have to learn to operate the trucks.  At that point it would be optional to get more certifications than that. 

Disk Golf 
A lot of the work is done on the Disk Golf course at Whiteford Stone Co. Park.
However there is still a lot to do.  some cleaning needs to be done for the course, steps need to be made and installed on one hill, tee boxes need to be installed and signs need to be made and installed.  We would like to have the course completed by the end of summer.  
We could use your help, we need sponsors for each hole.   
Please consider sponsoring a hole.  We need about $500 per hole to complete
the course.  Your help would be appreciated.  You can make a check out to Whiteford Township Disk Golf fund.  
For more information call Walter Ruhl at 734-854-2416
Please send Donations to:
Whiteford Township 
8000 Yankee Rd. Suite 100
Ottawa Lake MI. 49267
Whiteford Stone Co. Park
The fence around the park is done.  We have had dugouts donated for 1 ball field and improvements to that field are coming soon.  We have an area designated as Soccer Fields and the grass is just about right to start playing on the fields.  We will need Soccer nets and frames for those fields. 

If you have your own company and would like your company name on one of the six ball fields please contact us for more details.  Improvements are not cheap.  Sponsorship is essential.  

We are planning on improving the parking lots and putting in posts so cars have to stay in the lots.   

Please come enjoy our walking trails!  Some of the trails will be shared with the disk golf course but that shouldn't be a problem.  

We have planted 4 more trees along the drive and have plaques to honor the people who donated money for that purpose.
Our next project is to get a pavilion built in the area near the new flagpole. We want this park to be a place our community wants to come and enjoy.

The grass in good enough to support Soccer fields now.  I am hoping someone will step up and help  bring soccer to the park. 

Most of the improvements you see are a combination of donations and township money.  The dirt that has been hauled in is at no cost to the township.  We just pay to have it leveled.
As most of you know, the 14 acres of woods is being managed by “The Nature Conservancy”.  We have renewed the contract with the Nature Conservancy so they can continue to manage the 14 acres. They have made great improvements in that area and the walking trails allow people to enjoy that area.
We are applying for a grant to install cameras to catch vandals.
We need your support to keep moving forward.

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