A Voice In Whiteford - Walter Ruhl  TWP Supervisor
Feb. 5, 2016
What is Happening in Whiteford Township
The Water Project:
All the drawings are done and have been sent to MDEQ for approval and permitting.  Once they have approved the drawings the project moves to USDA Rural Development for approval.  When they have finished with the project we will put it out for bids.  When the bids are in and contractors have been picked we will have the final public hearing and set the Assessment role.  Hopefully that can be accomplished before May.  The project will start right after that.  
The Roads are the next concern:
We were able to seal about 14 miles of roads in 2015.
We will be sealing around 10 miles of road next summer, also we are working on funding that will allow us to crush and pave Beck Road from Head-O-Lake to Memorial Highway.
The Cemetery:
Carol Ruhl has the majority of the cemetery entered in the computer; now she will tackle the older parts that have no records. You may see her out there taking notes so we know who is buried where.  This has been a big project.
Whiteford Stone Co. Park
We will be working with JAWS (Jail Alternative Work Service) on park improvements.  They can paint the fence, dig and pour foundations for park benches.  We will have them pickup rocks and fill holes.  They can plant flowers near the flag pole. and many other things. 
Mike Jones and company will be managing the grounds and making sure the projects get completed.
We hope to finish the fence this year.
We will be getting 4 more trees along the drive and then get plaques made to honor the people who donated money for that purpose.
When we get the pavilion built and the area around the new flagpole looking nice with benches we will put plaques on the benches that the people paid for.
Your Park is getting better! 
Things that have been accomplished:
  • We can probably start playing soccer on the newly established grass.
  • Also notice the nice walking trails around and through the woods and       from the parking lot along Whiteford Road and Sterns back to the             woods to the parking lot.
  • The main drive and paths to the concession stand are paved.
  • Gates have been installed along Sterns Road thanks to Bill Hill.  The   post holes were drilled by Toledo Caisson
  • The field along Sterns has been filled and leveled.
  • Pat and Bob Schnipke have donated the flagpole and flag.
  • By the end of summer we will have all promised plaques installed for people to see.   
Most of the improvements you see are a combination of donations and township money.  The dirt that has been hauled in is at no cost to the township.  We just pay to have it leveled.
As most of you know, the 14 acres of woods is being managed by “The Nature Conservancy”.  We have renewed the contract with the Nature Conservancy so they can continue to manage the 14 acres. They have made great improvements in that area and the walking trails allow people to enjoy that area.
We are applying for a grant to install cameras to catch vandals.
“Whiteford Community Days” will be at Whiteford Stone Co. Park again this fall.  We will have a bigger and better show this year.  There will be a consignment Auction starting at 9am. For entertainment we are having  The Retro Rhythm Kings and the Fossil Creek Band on Saturday, along with an adult softball tournament.
On Sunday we have Whiteford Wesleyan Church at 11AM  Whiteford Choir and Band will be up next.  The Sheriff Helicopter will be on site on Sunday and possible a Pro-Media Helicopter.
Since Community Days falls on 9/10  9/11 we will be having a service to recognize our volunteer Firemen and our veterans.   
The fire Department will have the Smoke House for the kids all weekend long, along with their newest equipment for all to see.  Go say hello and thanks to your volunteers. 
Please plan on spending part of the weekend with us and enjoy your park.
We have renewed the agreement with Summerfield Township and Petersburg for coverage by a contract sheriff for 12 more months.  How do you think this is working?  Have you noticed any more coverage?  Please call with comments.
We need your support to keep moving forward.

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