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June 1, 2014

The Sewer Project is Ready to Hook UP! 
On May 15,2014 Residents in Sewer District II can begin to connect to the sewer system.  They will have 6 months to hook up without penalty.  After November 15,2014 There will be a Tap fee imposed for hooking up.  If anyone is not satis

Next is the Water Project:
We have signed the papers for $3.8 million grant to supply water to the same district as we are providing sewer.  We would have to borrow $1.5 Million  of the money for the  project. We have a well in on Beck Rd. and we must run a 2 month test to prove that the wells and filters are what we need.  This test should start by the middle of June and end by the end of August.  Once this is done we can apply for the proper permits and then we have to have a couple more Public Hearings before we get to Bond Closing and letting Contracts for the Water project.  I think early fall is when this will take place.  Water should be in and working by the end of the summer 2015.  If you have questions please call.

The Roads are the next concern:
Our Roads survived the winter in fair shape.  We have much work to do this summer.  We are working with the Road Commission to get as much done as possible.  We will be working hard to keep Whiteford Township Roads in good Shape. 

The Cemetery
 Carol Ruhl has tackled this project and is going to get it entered as quickly as possible.  Carol has a lot of the data entered into the program.  This is ongoing!
Vanauken Cemetery needs some restoration.  Anyone interested should contact my office.

The Park: 
We will be moving Community Days and the Antique Power Show to the Park this year.  the show will be Setup on the 12th, the show will be on the 13 and 14 of September.  We have a lot of work to do to get ready for the show.  We will be putting a gate on the entrance on Sterns Rd this spring.  If you can help with getting the Park ready please call and let me know.  People are still trying to wreck what we are doing by doing donuts in the parking lots and on the new ground. If you see someone doing damage to your park please call Me or Dan Briskey at 734-856-8011
Natures Conservancy is helping us manage the 14 acres of woods.
We now have walking trails. The driveways are paved and we have enough material left for paved paths to the ball diamonds.   

We have entered into a agreement with Petersburg for coverage by a contract Sheriff.  How do you think this is working?  Have you noticed anymore coverage?  Please call me with comments.

SAW Grant:
We have applied for a SAW grant for a master plan for Storm and Waste Water.  We were approved but we were way down the list so we didn't get funded this year.  Maybe next year. 

We need your support to keep moving forward.
Walter Ruhl
Whiteford Township Supervisor.
This page is paid for by the personal funds of Walter Ruhl and all opinions given here are my opinions and are not representative of the Township Board.
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