A Voice In Whiteford - Walter Ruhl  TWP Supervisor
Happy New Year!!!
Water Project
I hope 2019 is a little more favorable to the water project than 2018 was.  However we have our permit to deliver water from MDEQ!!!  We have decided to give everyone until the end of August 2019 to hook up without the tap fee. 
I think we will have our grand opening on Earth Day April 22, 2019.   I think we will have an open house from 9am to 7pm with tours and refreshments.  There will be a time picked for the formal Grand Opening with news media and all the bells and whistles.  Probably later in the day.  MDEQ is still making us do a lot of testing and there are still punch list items with the building and grounds that must be done when the weather permits. 
We will be conducting an income survey to see if the people along State Line Road will qualify for a grant for water and sewer.    
Marijuana Grow Operation and dispensaries Will Remain Illegal in Whiteford Township
The voters in Michigan have approved the use of recreational Marijuana but the township board has decided that since we don’t have a police force and full time fire department we will not allow grow operations and dispensaries in the township.  That doesn’t mean that a person can’t grow their own. 
They just can’t sell it.  So if you want to buy it you may have to go to Summerfield Township since they have approved dispensaries.
Disc Golf
We will be having a grand opening for Disc Golf this coming spring.  The course needs a few signs and some brush removed yet but the JAWS crew is doing a great job.  We will announce the date for the grand opening in the next few months. 
The new ground is ready for soccer.  If anyone is interested in having a place to play please let me know.  We have no goals or anything for soccer yet. 
Walking Trails
We have new signs to put up that will recognize everyone that has donated money or labor to getting the park to where it is now. 
There are also bird houses around the woods that represent an Eagle Scout Project by                             , I think everyone will enjoy the birds that come to nest there.
The walking trails are in pretty good condition but I have been asked to put distance makers up so people know how far they have walked.  We will attempt to do that and have a map to describe how the distances were arrived at.
Ball Diamonds
We have slide safe on 2 fields now and will probably put it on the third filed this spring.  Stone Co. is furnishing the slide safe.  The winter wind has been raising havoc with the sun screen on the dugouts.  We will come up with a better way of keeping it in place when it get a little warmer.   
This page is not a township sponsored page.  I personally pay for this page and everything expressed are my opinions.
Thanks for reading my page.
Walter Ruhl
Whiteford Township Supervisor

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