A Voice In Whiteford - Walter Ruhl  TWP Supervisor
What are the Major Issues Facing Whiteford Township?
1. The Water Project in the Township.
2. The Whiteford Stone Co. Park. We are working toward some of the things that will make our park better for all, including an area for dogs, more walking trails, and finishing the fence

3.  Keeping the community out of legal problems that cost more money. We have changed many of our Ordinances to Civil Infractions and that will allow up to write tickets for violations. This a lot less costly for the community.  Completed!
4.  Get the local Business community involved in Township improvement projects. 

5.  Create an atmosphere where all residents feel that they are respected when they come before the board or any of the committees of the township. Township officials must have a community service attitude.  We are here to serve the community.  I hope you all feel like you can call me and I will answer and talk.  You may not always like the answer you get but you can tell me that.  
6.  Bring the competitive bidding process into all projects or jobs that must be done. This is dictated by USDA on all projects they are involved in and we also used it in the process of the new rood for the fire department.
8.  Zoning Enforcement. Having a Standard procedure for enforcement of the Ordinances. A Standard Operating Procedure is now in place.
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